Aleš on the top of Cerro Plata (6000m), Cordón del Plata, Argentina.

Cordón del Plata

Published 22.7.2012

Looking back at successful acclimatization ... short article was published in the magazine People & Mountains, No. 1/2009.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Published 20.2.2012

Budget in Baires, the last stop before heading home ...

National Park Iguazú, Argentina.

Cataratas del Iguazú

Published 2.2.2012

Dozens of beautiful waterfalls, lizards, butterflies, swimming pool and beautiful weather ...

Decoration in Cabildo - old town hall in Córdoba.


Published 23.12.2011

Walking in Argentine center of education - university town of Córdoba ...

Lagoon Llancancelo, Argentina.

Viajar à la Alemán

Published 21.12.2011

After returning from the mountains we added just a little relaxation and a trip to Mendoza province ...

Our expedition tent in the Camp 2 (5850m). New snow again, let´s say that the weather is not really helpful.

Aconcagua - 6962 m (II)

Published 24.11.2011

Our final push to the summit of Cerro Aconcagua ...

Crossing of the river Río de las Vacas

Aconcagua - 6962 m (Part I)

Published 19.11.2011

Ascent to Cerro Aconcagua ... not an easy start for us ...

Before leaving for Aconcagua

Published 22.2.2012

Before leaving from Mendoza we have had only one day to arrange everything needed ...

Going up to Cerro Plata (6000m)

Cordón del Plata (Part II)

Published 26.9.2011

Second part of our acclimatization process ... and it was a success ...

Supply mule in camp El Salto (4200m) - Cordón del Plata

Cordón del Plata (Part I)

Published 23.9.2011

First part of acclimatization is behind us. We have been successful? More in the article ...

Last picture - Africa Expedition 2010 - a farewell at the Ruzyne airport

Back to Nairobi

Published 18.9.2011

Expedition finished ... remains the last - to get home ...

Uhuru Peak (5895m), Kilimanjaro

Uhuru Peak (5895m)

Published 18.9.2011

Final day of Kilimanjaro ascent and a very long way down ...

Kibo Reusch Crater (5852m), Kilimanjaro

Sleep(less) on the top of Kilimanjaro

Published 18.9.2011

Sleep atop the highest mountain of the black continent ...

Kilimanjaro, Arrow Glacier Camp (4900m)

Kilimanjaro - Arrow Glacier Camp

Published 18.9.2011

We overcome one thousand vertical meters to the next camp ...

Kilimanjaro (5895m)

Kilimanjaro - Umbwe Route

Published 18.9.2011

Ascent to Kili without the crowds by a wonderful Umbwe Route ...

Moshi, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro only as a package deal

Published 18.9.2011

Ascent to Kilimanjaro is possible only with a guide, but first you must get one ...

Masai woman

Bargaining in Tanzania

Published 30.7.2011

Destroyed after the descent from Mt. Kenya heading to Tanzania ...

Sirimon Route, Mt. Kenya

Sirimon Route

Published 30.7.2011

Challenging kilometers on the way back to civilization ...

Batian (5199m), Mt. Kenya

Maybe next time ...

Published 24.5.2011

The effort is unfortunately not always crowned with success ...

Point Lenana (4985m), Mt. Kenya

Over the top to the base camp

Published 9.5.2011

Standing on the top of Mt. Kenya - Point Lenana (4985m) ...

Waterfalls Nithi on Chogoria Route.

Endless journey to Minto’s Hut

Published 5.5.2011

Eight long hours we burrowed into the next camp ...

Bogged down by a jeep on the first day on Chogoria Route.

Chogoria Route

Published 21.4.2011

Long time ahead we have chosen the Chogoria Route ...

In private matatu from Nairobi to Chogoria.

Nairobi or Chogoria?

Published 18.4.2011

We decided for a quick escape from civilization and we are going to Chogoria ...

Members of the African expedition to the Ruzyne airport - from left Lada, Martin and Paul

I scrach!!

Published 9.4.2011

Getting published diary of the last African trip. Last hours before our departure were pretty crazy ...

Packing and sorting things - Africa 2010 - Mt. Kenya & Mt. Kilimanjaro

Here we go!

Published 7.4.2011

A little stress before departure and ...

Africa 2010 - Mt. Kenya & Mt. Kilimanjaro

Africa 2010

Published 5.4.2011

Just less than a week left until our departure for the African adventure ...

In Kenya we will try to climb Batian (5199 m) - Mt. Kenya, and then in Tanzania to achieve Kibo (5,985 m) - Kilimanjaro!

Brief version of Aconcagua climb

Published 8.3.2008

Vladimír shortly discribes our Aconcagua climb.

Hostal Independencia

Burning Mendoza

Published 13.2.2008

Cheap beer, huge steaks and summer - our first day in andinist's paradise.

On the Ruzyně airport

Expedition "Over the Top" begins

Published 12.2.2008

New expedition to Aconcagua, this time even more ambitious begins ...

Glass of coctail Pisco Sour, in peruvian Puno, Peru, 19. february 2006

Dragging disputes over eau-de-vie

Published 28.3.2007

Pisco is a brandy, aguardiente in Spanish if you want, distilled from white grapes cultivated in two South American regions: around the city of Pisco in Peru and in the Valley of Elquí river in central Chile...

From left Vladimír, Martin a Armando on Salar de Uyuni, Bolívie, 8.2.2006


Published 3.3.2007

About people we've met and come to know a bit closer ...

Beer gives your body appeal

Published 7.4.2006

Picture report or a brief guide to the South American beer advertisement ...

Terminus, please get off!

Published 6.4.2006

Sleepy and tired (deadly) we luckily came home after 49 days on the road ...

Back to Chile

Published 28.3.2006

More than 2500 kilometres long ride from Arequipa to Santiago ...

Chachani - 6075m

Published 17.3.2006

Our last and unexpected attempt on six thousand meters high mountain ...


Published 13.3.2006

Journey around Titicaca lake from Bolivia to Peru ...

La Paz and the trip to Tiwanaku

Published 10.3.2006

Report from the biggest city in Bolivia and little trip to ruins.

Huayana Potosí - 6088m

Published 17.2.2006

About another mountain ascent ...

It goes better when chewing coca

Published 16.2.2006

About our favourite plant.

A deadly ride

Published 14.2.2006

Mountain biking on the most dangerous road in the world ...

Rainy Season

Published 13.2.2006

Travelling through Bolivia during the rainy season ...

Bolivian altiplano

Published 9.2.2006

From chilean San Pedro de Atacama to the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia ...

Licancabur - 5960m

Published 7.2.2006

What happened during our attempt to climb this volcano ...

San Pedrito

Published 5.2.2006

How we have found the paradise of package deals.

Touching the water not allowed!

Published 30.1.2006

Way from Santiago through Copiapo to La Serena.

Aconcagua - 6962m

Published 25.1.2006

Click and see what happened ...

Madrid - Santiago - Mendoza

Published 13.1.2006

How to do 11000km in a day.

The very first day of our travel - plans changed

Published 11.1.2006

Frankfurt and a little surprise ...

Our expedition begins !

On the 11th of January we have started our expedition by traveling to Frankfurt airport in Germany from where we fly to Chile. On this page will be only short parts of longer diary entries. Full entries can be found on diary page.

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