The very first day of our travel - plans changed

Added: Jan. 12, 2006 | Date of action: Jan. 11, 2006
Author: Vladimír Linhart | Martin Linhart
Photos: Vladimír Linhart
Tags: 2006 | Argentina | Chile | Jižní Amerika
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Long waiting at the Frankfurt airport, Germany, 11. 1. 2006

Just very briefly. After arriving at the Frankfurt airport weve made a gigantic effort and packed our chores in a way that it does not exceed the 20 kg limit.

The departure was on time, at 19:45 hrs, but a "technical problem" with our airplane emerged during the stop-over in Madrid. Fortunately, we were well accommodated in a four-star hotel from where Im typing this very first piece of info. Not a bad luxury for the beginning, there wont be any on Aconcagua. We should be leaving for Santiago at 6 in the morning. I will leave it here for today and rather get some rest.


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