Iván Vallejo - climber turned national hero

Přidáno: 13.11.2013 | Datum akce: 1.7.2012
Autor: Martin Linhart | Jiří Šurman
Fotografie: Martin Linhart | Marta Léblová
Štítky: 2012 | Ekvádor | Iván Vallejo | Jižní Amerika | Quito
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"Listen, Martin, come to my house. I have time and I'll be glad to talk to you." First day in Quito, I still feel dizzy due to the altitude, but am I dreaming? The Ecuadorian legend and the first South American to climb all the eight-thousanders without oxygen, is gonna give me an interview.

Radek Jaroš, Iván Vallejo a autor článku, Festival alpinismu, Praha, 2013 (Foto: Jan Holomek | f56.cz)

Foto: Jan Holomek | f56.cz

Iván has just come back from his second attempt at the Cassin Ridge on Mount McKinley. He had bad luck again due to snow conditions. But it didn’t spoil his mood. A smiling energetic guy invites us to his living room with amazing views of the range of white volcanic cones looming on the horizon. Cheerful as a young boy he says that he’s gonna try the Ridge one more time. "Three times and enough!"

Celý článek s fotografiemi je ZDE - Full article and pictures.

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Iván Vallejo & Radek Jaroš


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